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There are many reasons why young people come to MCYAF. You may be struggling with schoolwork, having difficulties with friends or other relationships, coping with the loss of a loved one, or experiencing another difficult transition that is affecting your overall well-being. You may even feel sad, angry, or anxious for reasons you don’t quite understand.

We’re interested in getting to know you. We’re here to help with hard feelings, like worry, fear, or hurt.

- MCYAF Clinician

What To Expect

The intake is our first “get to know you session.” One of our experienced clinicians will sit down with you by yourself and with your family members, to learn more about your life, challenges you are facing, and any recent or past experiences that might be affecting you. After this meeting, our team will get together to talk about the best way to meet your needs and we will recommend the next step in the process.

Therapy is an opportunity to work regularly with someone who will get to know you very well and help you work through any difficult feelings or other challenges you may be facing. Therapy can include talking about what’s on your mind, playing, drawing, or any number of activities that you enjoy and feel comfortable to you. Everything you say to your therapist is kept private. The only time therapists will repeat something you share is if it causes them to worry about your safety or that of someone around you.