The Masonic Center for Youth and Families provides integrated therapeutic services to youth ages 4 to 24* and their families.

Our clients are self-referred or referred through teachers, physicians, or other professionals who believe that they may benefit from a developmentally appropriate and individualized approach to treatment.

Some of the challenges we support include:

Academic difficulties: Trouble following directions, processing information, or paying attention; marked decline in academic performance; inability to manage homework and meet deadlines; difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, or math; struggles with peers or social relationships.

Emotional difficulties: Unexpected sadness, hopelessness, or anger; withdrawal from social activities; feelings of guilt or worthlessness; excessive concerns about physical appearance; worry about being harmed by/harming others; inability to cope with a loss or trauma; dealing with consequences of abuse.

Behavioral difficulties: Inability to control impulses; losing interest in things once enjoyed; sudden changes in sleeping or eating patterns; persistent nightmares; suicidal thoughts or self-harm; engaging in fights; substance abuse; severely restricting calories or exercising obsessively; engaging in risky behaviors.

We offer a sliding-scale payment model to ensure that our services will be affordable to all who need them.

*Established clients may continue to receive care beyond the age of 24

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